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In the interview below, Badri Rickhi talks about writing The Cosmic Game – Reflections, what the book is about, and what inspired him to write it. As part of Badri’s presentation of this work, he has included animated illustrations of various concepts. Those animations are included in the Ebook and can be viewed any time in the Video section of this website.


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The Cosmic Game – Reflections was brought together with the help of Badri Rickhi’s friends and colleagues. Some of the contributors are:


Kurtis Staples-King

Project Manager for The Cosmic Game: Reflections


Rebecca Rowley

Cover art, Animations and Website Design

Rebecca Rowley Photography & Design:


Future State Mobile Inc.

Application Design and Development


Matt Palmer

Interview Videos and Book Editing

Matt Palmer Intentional Media Inc.:


Darshan Rickhi, Alex van Nieuwkuyk, Gabrielle O’Neill, Humberto Corte

Audio for Animations

Warmland Films http:


Book Editing and Recommendations:

Brenda Schmaltz
John Toews
Lucy Rowed
Joanne Mercier
Rajnish Laroiya
Anne Rickhi
Anil Rickhi
Darshan Rickhi