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B. G. Rickhi

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 1.24.00 PMDr. Badri Rickhi is an academic psychiatrist in the Department of Medicine, University of Calgary. He has been studying and practicing spiritual concepts from many cultures for as long as he can remember. He recognized that his life had become busy and demanding. He needed spiritual techniques that were simple, easy to perform and would produce significant results. The Cosmic Game is an assimilation of that journey. He has researched and published the findings of these concepts in academic journals.


In 2014, Dr. Rickhi was recognized by The International Association of Healthcare Professionals as a Leading Physician of the World, and in 2009, he was the co winner of the world’s largest prize of its kind for Complementary and Alternative Medicine: the prestigious Dr.Rogers Prize. His Workshop on Spirituality has been broadcast on the Wisdom Channel and his ideas and work have appeared in the media. He holds the Research Chair position at the Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine.


He believes that everyone should serve their fellow human beings without the need for personal attachments. He has been involved internationally with significant charitable philanthropic projects.


Media: Alberta Primetime Interview about BreathingRoom CBC Interview with Dr. Rickhi about the LEAP programLecture at The University of CalgaryArticle on wellness featuring Dr. RickhiMiraglo Foundation


For more about the development of the book and its purpose for readers, watch the interviews with Dr. Badri Rickhi:


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