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Tuesday, May 2, 2016 @ 7:30pm
Wellness Through Meditation
Shaganappi Community Association 2516 14 Ave SW


Friday, October 14th, 2016
Integrative Healthcare Symposium
Keynote Speaker
Sheraton Parkway Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Badri Rickhi will present highlights on future trends in biochemical, physical and spiritual directions that are currently being explored in science at the opening presentation of the Integrative Healthcare Symposium on October 14th in Toronto. Excerpt from the presentation:


Will Today’s Health Approaches be Tomorrow’s Memory?
“We tend to see our world in a linear fashion. This also can be said for the development of health programs. Yet, in the reality of life we know that long-term plans are often not feasible. Situations often arise in life that come totally out of the blue that change the direction and destiny for all of us.” – Dr. Rickhi


Wednesday, June 21, 2016 @ 6pm-7:30pm
Wellspring Calgary
Speaker Series, Wellspring Carma House (1404 Home Rd NW)

Dr. Rickhi will present on helping with anxiety and stress management by discussing CINIM’s integrative approach to wellness and the online youth mental wellness program BreathingRoom.


Sunday, January 24, 2016 @10:30AM
The Community as Healers
Calgary, Albreta

The Community as Healers is the focus of my presentation at Unity of Calgary’s January 24th Service. Society has become so dependent on health professionals to take care of our health, that we do not realize that there is important research which shows that if the community comes together we can have a major impact on the health of our loved ones. As guest speaker I will share my thoughts on this topic.  The service will be open to the public and is free of charge. I encourage as many of you as possible to attend.
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Unity of Calgary
2035 – 26A Street SW
Calgary, Alberta


June 5, 2015
Health-From DNA to Consciousness
Toronto, ON

We understand that DNA plays an intricate role in our health and wellbeing, but new emerging information shows that the DNA is influenced by our thoughts and behaviours, and even consciousness can influence our DNA. Dr. Rickhi will take a fascinating look at this new science as well as explore new ideas of how consciousness relates to our health and spirituality.  This presentation may challenge you and also open your eyes to a new perspective.


Toronto Thought Conference Poster


 Dr. Rickhi and Jennifer Blake

Dr. Rickhi with Jennifer Blake (Hoffman Process). The Hoffman Process sponsored Dr. Rickhi’s talk and Jennifer introduced him.



April 12, 2015

Sunday Celebrations at Sait Campus Centre –  Orpheus Theatre
Meditation 9:45am Service 10:30am
Dr. Rickhi’s Presentation: Spirituality Vs. Mind Games
Dr. Rickhi will speak for 22-25 minutes about the way we play “mind games” with ourselves, and how spirituality influences the brain.

Badri with Calgary Centre for Spirtual Living 

Sunday, January 11, 2015 @ 10:30AM
Spirituality and Consciousness—The New Medicine


Dr. Rickhi signing books at Unity of Calgary on January 11, 2015

Badri (Bud) Rickhi brings his wisdom, unique background and insight to this fascinating presentation at Unity of Calgary. Through his experience and years of dedicated research, Badri has become passionate about the concept of healing from within. He has seen firsthand how Spirituality can shift a person’s consciousness and change the human experience: from reacting to illness, to embracing life and reaching new levels of potential.

He will share some simple but transforming techniques that are easy to use in a busy day.






Unity of Calgary
2035 – 26A Street SW
Calgary, Alberta


Friday, October 17, 2014 @ EPCOR CENTRE’s Jack Singer Concert Hall (Calgary)
Understanding Your Pain and Suffering: An Evening with Dr. Badri Rickhi

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Join internationally recognized psychiatrist and spiritual teacher, Dr. Badri Rickhi, on a quest to transform your suffering into strength.


If you’re struggling to overcome life’s adversity, want to discover the power behind your pain, and desire to understand how science and spirituality can enrich your mind, then get ready to uncover practical tools and gain valuable insight from one of the most authentic spiritual leaders of our time.


Building off concepts discussed in his latest book, The Cosmic Game: Reflections (, Dr. Rickhi will take you on a spiritual journey that explains how suffering propels us to new levels of consciousness and self-knowledge. “It is through suffering and pain that we discover our true self and connect with the Divine.” Learn about your emotional attachment to past events, how to manage your expectations, and understand your accountability to a greater power. Whether you see yourself as spiritual or not, the practical and proven concepts will provide the tools you need for personal transformation.


Dr. Rickhi is an academic psychiatrist in the Department of Medicine, University of Calgary as well as the Research Chair at the Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine ( His unique approach that combines psychiatry and spirituality is a result of decades researching and practising concepts from a variety of cultures and religions.


In 2009, Dr. Rickhi was the co-winner of the world’s largest prize for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the prestigious Dr. Rogers Prize. His ideologies on spirituality have been featured and recognized in the international media, and he continues to inspire people around the world with his genuine and compassionate mission to serve humanity